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Introducing Hcigar's Dust-free Manufacturing Factory Clicks:22151Date: 2019-06-11 10:21:17

As you can tell from the headline, today it’s one of those articles that we walk you through the closed doors... Excited? Let’s visit Hcigar’s cracking dust-free factory together!



What is a dust-free factory, exactly?

By definition, it is a manufacturing factory that removes all particles, harmful gas, bacteria and other pollutants in the air, and strictly controls the indoor pressure and temperature, airflow speed and distribution, clean class, noise vibration, lighting and static electricity to some extent. In short, regardless of the external environment, the factory always remains highly clean with constant temperature, humidity and appropriate airflow, so that all production is conducted in a stable environment and product defective rate is kept to a minimum. All people entering the factory wear special dustproof and anti-static clothing.


Introducing Our Dust-free Manufacturing Factory 


What is the standard of dust-free factories?

Measured by the number of dust particles with a diameter of 0.5um or above per cubic meter of air, dust-free factories are divided into 4 grades by the Chinese Air Cleanliness Standard, namely, 100, 1000, 10000 and 100000.

Hcigar owns a 100000 level dust-free factory.



Why did Hcigar build it?

Building a dust-free factory is in no ways easy. On the contrary, it cost us millions in the process. Although generally applied in numerous fields, including electronic information, semiconductors, optoelectronics, precision manufacturing, medical health, bioengineering, aerospace and automotive coating, dust-free factories are not common in the e-cigarette manufacturing industry. Apart from being expensive, it is not considered to be a direct investment - the impact will be long-term. So why did HCigar bother, one might wonder?


Because product quality matters.



● The service life of the device depends on the manufacturing environment

What is the deciding factor of your device’s working life? The high-precision chip. If contaminated in any way during production, the result will be a poor quality device with a short life.


Introducing Our Dust-free Manufacturing Factory 


● Dust particles affect pod flavors

Maybe you dont even mind how good your pod looks and how long it works, but the flavor you want to enjoy? That SURELY MATTERS! Well, the truth is authentic flavor rendering largely rests with coil and e-liquid qualities.

For starters, the density of e-liquid and the porosity of the coil should be well managed. Then, they need to be isolated from particles and microorganism during manufacture. Otherwise, not only the flavor will be less than ideal, but there can also be potential health concerns.


Introducing Our Dust-free Manufacturing Factory 


We Care.

Still relatively newly-emerging, the e-cig market is growing swiftly with many aspects awaited to be perfected and standardized. Opportunities and challenges await simultaneously, which HCigar has not and will never shy away. HCigar will continue moving forward and strive to be the leader of the industry, as we feel it’s our responsibility to not only promote ourselves but also the whole market.


Hcigar is here for you, it’s that simple. Our vision has never changed: Empower and inspire smokers with the strength of science. The dust-free factory is just a small step, as we are planning to bring in chromatography and microbiology experiments in the near future. We are super excited and can’t wait! 

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