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Why People choose us

Through 8 Years Of Continuous Efforts, We Have Become One Of The Most Popular E-Cig Brands In China. We Value Your Trust. Committed To Product Quality And Safety, We Never Cease Our Pursue For Improvement And Perfection.

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  • Strictly follow quality certification

    The company has passed iso9001:2015 quality system certification, CE certification of European Union, TPD registration, KC certification of South Korea, etc., and also obtained the National high-tech enterprise certification of China.

  • A Model Brand of E-cigarettes

    HCigar has continuously innovated in the field of electronic cigarettes and has acquired International Environmental Protection and Safety Certifications such as EU RoHS, CE and US FCC. High quality, design aesthetics, innovation and health concepts have always been running through our product lines. To meet consumers’ different habits, HCigar has created a variety of product, such as AKSO series, LESSPO, WildWolf, VT series and so on. HCigar is pursuing to offer consumers the best e-cigarette service experience of high standard and high quality. HCigar always believes that what consumers like are products of good quality. Technical support is our core competitiveness.

  • Welcome to cooperate with us!

    With the high quality manufacturing facilities and the professional R&D team, we can provide all the service that OEM/ODM needs. If you want to find a trustworthy business partner, HCigar is the best choice. Welcome to cooperate with us!

  • Hcigar's Dust-free Manufacturing Factory

    Hcigar's Dust-free Manufacturing Factory. By definition, it is a manufacturing factory that removes all particles, harmful gas, bacteria and other pollutants in the air, and strictly controls the indoor pressure and temperature, airflow speed and distribution, clean class, noise vibration, lighting and static electricity to some extent. In short, regardless of the external environment, the factory always remains highly clean with constant temperature, humidity and appropriate airflow, so that all production is conducted in a stable environment and product defective rate is kept to a minimum. All people entering the factory wear special dustproof and anti-static clothing. Why did Hcigar build it? Because product quality matters.

  • One of the corporate cultures of HCigar

    Our mission is to improve human beings’ health index by the power of science and technology, that is to improve life quality by providing healthier e-cigarettes of high quality. By providing smoking alternative, we aim at helping eliminate combustible tobacco use. We acknowledge that e-cig can have a negative effect if used by those who aren’t already smokers, especially teenagers. Our products are not intended for minors. If, as an underage person, you are already using, we encourage you to stop as soon as possible.


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