HCigar Brand

HCigar is a professional E-cigarette solution provider located in Shenzhen, China- known as the world factory. Our factory engaged in the development and production of top-grade, high-quality and competitively priced E-cigarette products for its global client base. We has 6 years experience in E-cigarette production, tailor-made E-cigarette design solutions. Now, HCigar is one of China’s biggest E-cigarette suppliers and most trusted E-cigarette solution providers. Armed with state-of-the-art facilities and staffs with some of the industry’s brightest and most seasoned designers, the firm is well-positioned to serve its clients in a way that ensures clients’ each and every particular need, large and small, will be meticulously and sufficiently addressed and fulfilled.

In addition to providing OEM and ODM services for many clients, our firm is also well-known for its strong capability to offer E-cigarette design customization services for the increasingly discerning global E-cigarette community.

In today’s world, with new technology and communication systems, producing a E-cigarette is easy. Beside the production itself, brands depend more and more on trends and market reports, designs, Build to Order, and Just-in-Time production. Driven by marketing as well as technology, HCigar offers the fastest way to set up an efficient product line, targeting consumer needs, and producing to meet retailer sales needs.

Our Value

Sophisticated, well-experienced R&D team offers tailor-made E-cigarette design solutions;

We have our own in-house R&D team armed with an international vision and sophisticated R&D capabilities. the team excels in assimilating global advanced technologies and techniques into its own R&D expertise.

One-stop, integrated manufacturing operation, make sure the fast delivery;

With over 6 years of experience on supplying E-cigarette to clients across the world, we have our own E-cigarette manufacturing base & have formed an integrated industrial chain for E-cigarette production, starting from mold-opening to assembling of end products.

Fashion-conscious, trend-setting design team, offers professional graphic design service;

R & D

Always keenly aware of the latest trends in E-cigarette design, our professional designers produce nearly 50 uniquely styled new E-cigarette models every year for our broad clientele to choose from.
Cutting-edge facilities and self-owned testing lab;
With our own in-house E-cigarette testing lab, we are capable of ascertaining a product’s safety features much earlier in the R&D process and making adjustments whenever and wherever necessary, thereby substantially shortening the R&D cycles and putting new products on the market sooner than ever.
Streamlined, responsive and cost-effective R&D procedure;
Our clearly defined and regulated R&D procedure can help greatly reduce the communication costs, effectively avoid duplicated R&D efforts and wastes.
Briefly, we enjoy three major R&D advantages:

If you can furnish a sketch 2D illustration, we have the capability and expertise to turn it into a concrete product.

If you can provide us with a picture of the model you like, we are also well capable of converting that into a concrete product.

If you have your own designers who produce 3D drawings, that will be even better and easier for us to finish the end product.

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